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    • Check out our special Books and the various bundling options. Content varies from Breastfeeding to Indulgences to Parenting Against the Decoys/Landmines to Helping Parents raise great kids. 


    • FFF is pleased to offer a Faith-Based Sex/Health Curriculm (Seton Approved) for your adolescents or teens. Gender specific workbooks (for Mom,Dad, Son & Daughter) are vital parts of the  DFSF curriculum. (English & Spanish options) Check out the curriculum NOW!  Nihil Obstat &Imprimatur granted by Archdiocese of Mpls-St. Paul.  See Workbooks &Booklets. 


    • FFF offers our several media options within our christian, faith based, parenting programs. Parents can watch or listen to with their son or daughter - including a powerful personal witness with regard to the destructive impact pornography had on a family. Check out your ordering options today under Media. 


    • The Advent Season begins Dec. 3rd. Get your 2018 Edition of The Book For All Seasons Now! See Early Discount. 
    • While supplies last you will receive a  complimentary 2018 Myron Desk Planner with any order over $20. It's our way of saying thanks for ordering from us!


    • A Hundred Years - Boys Edition BKMRK is one of many beautiful, unique, and inspirational Bookmarks/PrayerCards created by artist Joan Czaia exclusively for FortifyingFamiliesOfFaith. The 2x8, glossy bookmarks can be ordered alone or in bulk. See Bookmarks

    Besides books. programs in English & Spanish...

    • Linda and Maria offer training to parents - in English and Spanish - so they can fully assume their rightful duties and responsibilities. Call 651-699-0492 to schedule a training program for your parish, social group, or book club.  

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    Fortifying Families of Faith publishes, promotes and produces books & supporting materials that take faith,  marriage, family life and parenting seriously!

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    Our books are available on Amazon;  but you will not find our specialty products - including media; beautiful bookmarks; Mom, Dad, Son & Daughter workbooks; Spanish materials there! 

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    Because we dare to look beyond the PC and Relativistic messaging with regard to family matters & the raising of children of virtue


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